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Undertake one on one specialised equestrian coaching at the MM Equine farm, Beaconsfield, Victoria.

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Have the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching and expert advice, no matter where you are the world! 

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Michelle is one of the most sought after show jumping instructors both in Australia and overseas. From beginners to elite professionals, Michelle has a truly gifted style of communicating simply and concisely with riders to achieve quality results.  Michelle does this by taking a classical approach with her pupils to provide riders with strong foundations on which to build upon.

Michelle has developed her vast knowledge of both show jumping and classical dressage through years of experience as an international coach and rider, having been trained by the talented George Sanna. Other coaches who shared their wisdom with Michelle were: George Morris, Marry Hanna, Clemans Dierks and Art Uytendall.

Michelle has always had a burning passion to see her pupils improve the overall quality of their work which results in clearer communication between horse and rider. Having had many pupils starring on the international stage such as Amy Graham, Michelle now wants to make her skills available to a wider audience both in Australia and overseas. This website has been created so that riders of all levels can have access to quality coaching and information that will help them reach their potential in a safe and harmonious way.