MZ Classique represents an elegant, adventures and inspired lifestyle. From the outback to your latest restaurant and jet setting off to the cobble stone streets of Europe, MZ Classique is there to make women feel confident and beautiful.   We aspire to bring to you unique and classical designs, produced using the highest quality fabric and craftsmanship. While delivering to you each unique shirt in beautiful Eco Packaging, helping make a positive statement in today’s world.  
We hope you love the shirts as much as we do & cant wait to hear your feedback!  Now help us keep on creating, by going shopping xxx


MZ Classique was started by the mum (Michelle Strapp) and daughter (Zoe Strapp) dream team. Michelle Strapp being a highly respected and top international Equestrian Coach as well as an avid business woman, Michelle has always had a love for high-quality shirts, whether it’s for the arena or waltzing through the streets of Europe. So, designing the perfect shirt was something of a given, with a full understanding of what a shirt should entail, from cut to colour. Zoe brings the business, as well as design side of things. As a professional Online Marketer, with a design and environmental science background and having launched her own brand prior to growing the business and collaborating with Michelle on beautiful new designs is Zoe's key role. " Luckily we work very well together, each of us being creative and particular in our own ways it’s a team set for success".