Discover Online

Online coaching is progressive and exciting form of coaching, that allows you to begin, continue and progress you riding career no matter where you in the world. Offering a range of packages to suit your equestrian needs and budget, you simply provide Michelle with a video and let the magic begin. 

Identify, Fix & Improve

My skills, developed over many years of riding and producing horses to perform at the highest level, enables me to easily and readily identify gaps in horse and rider performance. Being able to quickly identify a problem enables me to work with the rider to iron out the weak links, so that the horse and rider can continue with improving their performance. Online coaching enables riders of all levels to benefit from this specialized skill, quickly and economically.

My Coaching Style

My classical approach provides the rider with strong foundations at all levels of competency, developing and enhancing skill and ability including position, lower leg, contact, feel and balance between hand and leg. With these foundations, I believe in providing horse and rider with simple and effective exercises focusing on specific aspects of their schooling. This will improve their overall quality of work and results in clearer communication between horse and rider. My main focus is to accurately assess all aspects of the relationship between horse and rider which will lead me to an effective range of solutions to achieve a positive outcome.

How does Online Coaching work?

Online programs coming soon!