Shimona Fraid

Training with Michelle is a real privilege. She is an excellent performance coach, and has given me the knowledge and confidence to ride competitively in the bigger tracks. What I find unique about Michelle, is that she teaches her pupils not just to ride, but how to be a trainer themselves and to produce horses from the ground up. She is a true horseman and really tries to equip her students with the skills that a life time of study and top level industry experience, has given her. I feel supported and confident in my riding career with her as my coach and am excited to keep learning!

Vicki Roycroft 

Michelle Strapp is one of Australia's most outstanding jumping coaches in my opinion.  She has a real feel for addressing and solving rider and horse problems.  She has excellent observational skills, and teaching is very natural for her. At the time when I purchased Mickey Mouse from Michelle there weren’t many horses available, and after I’d sold Apache I had a bit of cash. I was being sponsored by Ranvet and I wanted something to ride. Mickey Mouse was available. He wasn’t what I thought was the perfect horse. He was okay. Michelle Strapp did such a wonderful job on that horse, because he wasn’t the scopiest thing on the planet, but she had brought him along so carefully and trained him so well – I’m in awe of what a good trainer she is, because this horse, even though he was really a 1.40m horse, he thought he could jump 1.60m. No one had told him different. So for the time that I had him, he’d climb over 1.60m and he was very careful. He was a wonderful horse because Michelle had never pushed him, never scared him.

Amy Graham

Michelle Strapp has been coaching our daughter for several years & has been the most influential person on her personal development & career. Michelle commenced coaching with a very clear instruction from Amy.... "I don't know anything about training & flatwork for jumping, but i have a good "eye". Michelle's very clear statement in return was, " if you will listen, always work hard to improve & genuinely want to learn, then i can teach you..if you won't commit to these standards then i won't teach you." We have found that Michelle has a very commonsense approach to the science of training the horse & rider. She does not attempt to make the process difficult, rather she links all of her training to the required outcome & explains or demonstrates WHY. This approach means that with time & dedication, the student is able to understand the training & can relate what they are being taught to a physical improvement in the horse & its athletic ability for the task at hand. This therefore relates to a sustained improvement in the required competition arena whether showjumping, dressage or eventing. Michelles approach is unique in that she trains the horse & rider as a combination or partnership. She will often ride a horse herself to "feel" what the horse is doing. She is then in a better position to be able to help both horse & rider from the ground. If she develops a longer term relationship with the rider she will include the benefits of understanding the psychology of the rider & how this impacts on their confidence & capabilities. If you are serious about improving your ability as a rider & are prepared to work hard i believe that Michelle Strapp is an outstanding coach & can recommend her without reservation.

Caroline Price

Caroline has been involved with horses all of her life, which has seen her participate in almost all facets of the equine industry. Since attending Lilydale Pony Club as a child, Caroline has competed in a variety of disciplines including: eventing, show jumping, dressage and showing. But in her later years of pony club Caroline realised that her true passion was show jumping, which led her to concentrate on the one event since the age of 14. Since then Caroline has had many wins and placings up to GrandPrix level on numerous horses. Caroline has been coached by Michelle for the past 8 years and as a result had many wins and placings on different horses at different levels including the 2012 DJWTS jumping 4yo champion.